Top 6 cool free VR fighting games attract most players you should try

Top 6 cool free VR fighting games attract most players you should try
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Vr fighting games is the game in which the player controls a character engaged in a duel with another character on a screen is limited. The character will usually have the ability abreast. Players will have to use the button press to toss out the basic strikes, or the spanking, especially as locks, spank strike, or other “perks”. Please refer to the list fighting game singing the following to prepare for battle.

VR fighting games – List of fighting games for VR free attract most players.

1.Toy Defense


vr fighting games

The battle was the fire in free VR fighting games

In tower defense games you simply build, upgrade and destroy. Soon you become bored and you quickly know that you have achieved the maximum value. You have the game in the palm of your hand while the enemy units barely get through half the map. The story still revolves around the war between 2 factions of soldiers, VR fighting games one side responsible for attacking the left side of the room.

Improve the material base of you outside the allows you to upgrade his tower in the war zone. In other words, your towers will remain weak unless you grow them outside the war. Present the strategy of full his experience to defend territory, strategy game VR fighting games pc, Toy Defense for pc will is where each player show the genius of a leader to command. Calculate the tactically placed defensive cannons the most reasonable, and can repel any attack as the storm of the enemy in Toy Defense.

Some of the main features of Toy Defense game:

  • There are 48 exciting levels for you to conquer.
  • Upgrade units and weaponry.
  • Supports 16 different achievements

How to play:

  • On the computer, use a mouse to play.
  • On mobile devices, tap on the screen to play.

Click on the button “play now” to play and record the highest achievement!

2. Tekken

Tekken is known to be one of the VR fighting games for android antagonists, for the first time with 3D style graphics, a cast of characters half-friendly, half flaps, interesting, a storyline bold the whitewash, the report is full of mystery, gameplay suggestions, and the way.

Tekken 7 – version of the 20th anniversary of the series remains solid gameplay has made a name of yourself, add a few new elements, more beautiful picture, with 38 characters. Whether this will be the right VR fighting games step to help the fighters Tekken regain his place in the player after so many years of absence?

vr fighting games

Design crisp graphics there fighting games for VR to Tekken

Characteristic points of the line Tekken is the gameplay of it is manufacturers hold throughout 20 years of life and development. Tekken advent blows a new wind into the game for resistance, upon which at that time was the notion that a match for resistance is present only on a straight line in 2D with the fighters move to the back.

Tekken put weight on the control limbs of the character with each button is a limb on the body. Punch left, punch right, kick left, kick right, pal, VR fighting games pc this regulated by 4 different buttons, and so that the special or continuous of the characters were also exam developed through the combination of the button control limbs this is totally different than the “Down – Cross – To – Punch” to shoot fireballs like in the game, for conventional resistance.

3. Boomerang Chang

Free VR fighting games to destroy enemies, you just throw the Boomerang towards them. Sounds quite simple, however the cons of this guy is just throwing is a direction to the right, if enemies attack from the right is no problem, but if attack from the left, you must up direction and throw the Boomerang to the right, then jump up to dodge the path of the Boomerang that I’ve done to them flying to the left and finish the enemy.

vr fighting games

Destroy enemies, you just throw the Boomerang towards them on VR fighting games for android

In addition, the hedgehog crawling along through hills is also a major obstacle to the player, in the same time that they will be faced with three obstacles: the hedgehog, the bird flying in the sky and dodging the path of a Boomerang so I just threw.

Boomerang Chang is a simple VR fighting games but not easy, things you can do is throw and jump with fast-paced due to the constant attack by enemies from both sides will create an attractive playing. And also you can get the Boomerang to his winning throw, so you must always observe to Boomerang now! Boomerang Chang is a simple arcade game, but addictive. The Game has a great style, and most especially when your weapons also have turned back with you!”.

Outstanding features:

  • Free VR fighting games their graphic design, splendid animation standard and sounds good.
  • New interface.
  • Suitable for all ages.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse when playing on the computer
  • Touch screen phone to play.
  • To jump need use the up arrow.
  • When throwing the boomerang content right arrow.

Click on the button “play now” to play!

4. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is a fighting game has single player, attracted most of the present moment. Create a cinematic experience that anyone who is passionate about the superhero characters of DC Comics, especially the fan of the game antagonists, can hardly be ignored type dbz fighting games.

vr fighting games

Are you ready to fight together free VR fighting games

Injustice 2 does not lead the player goes into a rut the superhero/characters in the game together against a common something. A tournament to determine who is the “champion” in the world of martial. Vr fighting games pc take out situations for players to choose, the judge took. Can say, the game intertwined some elements of the RPG tradition. Where each “ambition” of a character will affect the outcome of the world or the fate of the characters.

Players can feel the punch of Superman has weight. How a lightning Flash running fast to the “not regular” breaking sounds and pictures how, or felt the Batman VR fighting games for android “exceptional”. It would still be game, horizontal screen, the player will fight with other players or with the machine. But this time it will bring a new art style, as well as weapons and new levels. You can follow the trailer of the game below.

5. Nidhogg 2

vr fighting games

Vr fighting games pc will also support internal network and online

Nidhogg 2 will include the environmental factors and design “completely renovated”. With more than 10 levels and a set of background music. In addition, the game will also support internal network and online (besides a tournament mode). Along with a single player mode where players compete against AI and face “the challenge round for special accidental”.

Nidhogg 2 is one of the mini VR fighting games to bring entertainment possibilities immediately. And attract players thanks to gameplay high speed. Decide the match in just 1 moment, to bring a lot of unexpected ending for the player. Developed from the Nidhogg, which is a project by Mark Essen developed in 4 years. Nidhogg 2 based on the characteristics that have brought success for the game and develop more bring the richness to the game.

vr fighting games

Challenge with your opponent in free VR fighting games the battle 1 against 1

The characteristics of Nidhogg 2:

  • Challenge with your opponent or other players in the battle 1 against 1.
  • Emulation won first place in the competition up to a maximum of 8 players.
  • Master the characteristics of each of the different weapons in the VR fighting games for android
  • Create your own character with feature allows changing look comprehensive for a character.
  • 12 game screen in many different locations.
  • Change the rules of the game default with 10 different properties of the game allow for changes in preferences.
  • Join online play with features “matchmaking” or connect other players.

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dbz fighting games conjure up for people to write quite a lot. A sense of belonging, not only because of seeing the familiar face attached to a part of childhood. But the big plus point is thanks to background graphics of this game. 24 characters in can control in battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ – a figure not too impressive when put next to the game title song.

vr fighting games

Play now dbz fighting games to become heroes rescue the world

The control mechanism of DRAGON BALL FighterZ quite simple, with just 4 basic buttons: light, medium, strong and special moves – not too difficult to launched way voyeuristic. Besides, the game also doesn’t have the button move cumbersome to move. Even the moves are pretty easy if compare with the free VR fighting games to another. Especially two brothers, “another” is Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ are somewhat focused on the online mode then the game duel ago, none of these options boring. We can see this right from the start of the VR fighting games. But the game modes are expressed in the form each area, like an online game really. Sure you will enjoy if play right now.

Vr fighting games own many factors stimulate the players to play to unlock, explore and challenge yourself.

Top 6 cool free VR fighting games attract most players you should try
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