Powerful action games can not be ignored

Powerful action games can not be ignored
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Powerful action games can not be ignored. If you are an action-oriented gamer, you definitely can not ignore these titles. The 5 new fighting games below are classic and modern, allowing players to explore the new world.

Powerful action games can not be ignored

1/ Bastion

The game that made Supergiant what it is now. Explore a world in ruin after a mysterious Calamity and step into the shoes of a Kid as he embarks on a life-changing quest. Narrated by a seemingly omniscient voice, follow him as he faces off with hostile creatures that roam around its devastated world. With multiple weapons in hand, switch seamlessly and make sure to rebuild what was once lost.



It receives a PlayScore of 8.91

2/  Torchlight 2

With the startling success of their first title, Runic Games’ critically acclaimed action RPG makes a stellar return.

Dive into its vibrant world, filled with deadly beasts, rewarding loot, and rich, interactive environment.

While it has an equally enjoyable multiplayer mode, its single player experience is just as good with their awesome sidequests and immersive world.

Like a more colorful Diablo, it receives a PlayScore of 8.91.

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3/ Shovel Knight

Driven with a sense of purpose and the power of love, Yacht Club Games’ iconic platformer excavates the 8-bit nostalgia within you.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight

Be a knight wielding his trusty shovel and save your beloved from an evil kidnapper.

Navigate around the mysterious castle and dig your way to find secrets, or smack your enemies in the face.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.91

4/ Downwell

This classic-style platformer takes you on a dark descent into a mysterious well.

A Devolver Digital game, dive down into its procedurally generated world equipped with your gun boots.

IF that’s not enough, use your trusty weapons to vaporize enemies and collect treasures in its sweet and descending style.

The game guarantees that there’s more stuff to do in every fall.

Go down and down and down because this game receives a PlayScore of 8.92

5/ Pony Island

Daniel Mullins strange indie puzzler. Step cautiously into this eerie, metaficitonal game that is very aware of its existence as a game.

While that usually leads to some funny, breaking the fourth wall-type interactions, this game takes the road less traveled–dealing a few bursts of psychological horror with a side of ardent curiosity.

Jump over some hurdles, get to the finish line, earn huge amounts of experience, and find yourself in a spiral of confusion… and despair.

We don’t have to say much, we’ll keep you surprised.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.93

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Powerful action games can not be ignored
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