7 extreme fighting games on Android

7 extreme fighting games on Android
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7 extreme fighting games on Android – Fighting game has a “not light” appeal because of the beautiful martial arts or the attractive double screen. Show off your fighting skills through the awesome Android game series below!

7 extreme fighting games on Android

1 / Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 has officially released the full version on both the iOS and Android platforms. With many new enhancements, typical 3D graphics are vibrant and colorful, the game promises to bring gamers the beautiful martial arts movies do not lose the movie super.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

As mentioned, Shadow Fight 3 has been known to transform itself to match the trend of mobile games today. Instead of simple shadows, the warriors of the game are shown with vivid graphics, each gesture, attack tactics.

In order to bring a new layer of graphics to Shadow Fight 3, the developer has to use its proprietary technology called “Cascadeur”. This technology is responsible for the “real” animation and has been incorporated into many of its previous titles, such as Vector and Vector 2.

Unlike Mortal Kombat or Injustice on Mobile, Shadow Fight 3 gives players the ability to perform combat combinations in a different way. Players not only control the character in the normal way but also must coordinate the right to the bottom of the rational. In addition, Shadow Fight 3 retains the feature-specific delay of the game when each release has taken a slice of the screen can be deployed.

2 / Animelee

Animelee is a game in the genre of resistance extremely harsh with the main character is the animals with extraordinary strength to confront each other. Players have to make a decision to collect each animal for himself and participate in the battle of tension, fighting with a series of other characters.

Each animal will have different skills and characteristics such as flea speed and the crocodile seems slow but very powerful blows.

3 / ChronoBlade

ChronoBlade was originally a Facebook game that was released by nWay, the developer of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. ChronoBlade is an action role-playing game with horizontal side-scrolling gameplay. Having been very successful on Facebook so ChronoBlade received the investment from his great Netmarble to be on the move.

ChronoBlade leads the players in a vast universe of life-threatening battles where gamers will be given a series of specific missions to protect their asteroid. The game uses side-scrolling hack-n-slash, which challenges the player to kill enemies with combo-assisted systems, special abilities, or destructive weapons.


EA Sports UFC is a fighting game based around the world’s largest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). EA released on the mobile platform at the end of April 2015 after landing PS4, Xbox One in mid-2014. EA Sports UFC players bring players into the tournament gathered many popular martial arts such as Muay Thai, Karate Judo.



In this mobile game, players will take on the role of a martial artist to seek glory by applying various fighting techniques, defeating all the opponents in the road. With a catchy gameplay, real graphics, EA Sports UFC is a quality fighting game, which will make the player “eyes” with the battlefield features.

5 / King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The heat of the movie not only spread over the cinema but also to the Mobile platform with a very unique mobile game. Legend of the Sword, this mobile version of the game for the player to play with the simple charge but play, not color but ensure the taste of a Fight Club true sense on the mobile.

KA’s battle system: LotS is based on the Touch & Sweep mode, using simple swipe gestures to create striking, combo-like attacks. The touch must be properly guarded to prevent attacks, as well as counter attacks.

In addition, the graphics in KA: LotS are well designed and detailed, with 3 levels can be customized to fit the configuration of the machine. If you are at the highest level, you will be able to see the characters in a very vivid way, the details on the can be very clear, the effects when hit or hit the blow is also easy to recognize. .

6 / Fighting Tiger – Liberal

Come to the game Fighting Tiger – Liberal, players will be immersed in the character Gin with the task of destroying his enemies to rescue his girlfriend and protect your own life. You have to control your character to reach the target where you have to destroy.

7 / Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will include the appearance of almost every character, including the villains in the Power Rangers series during the past 24 years. The plot will remain the same and revolve around the blind ambition of the witch Rita Repulsa wicked with all humanity and the superman will stop hand.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will be a game against the control mechanism, fighting creativity. Accordingly, players can prepare themselves a battle with 3 members. The battles in the game will depend on an increasing power over time, the skills will only be exercised if the power source that you have is enough to demand.

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7 extreme fighting games on Android
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