2 player fighting games are now available online

2 player fighting games are now available online
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2 player fighting games are so popular nowadays there are lots of eye-catching developing will impress you, this type of game bring you so much fun and you can not take your eyes out of you. Moreover, playing 2 player fighting games online is so interesting to play with your friends in free time. You can play every time because we are always available on the browser. Do you have what it takes to win a fight? Let check it out!

2 player fighting games

Have so much fun and challenge in 2 player fighting games

2 player fighting games free and cool to find out

Nothing is more interesting than challenging a close friend with a games that both you can play together. 2 player fighting games unblocked now and wait for your access to discover. Choose your character, items for fighting till the end. Enter the dangerous arena of skilled fighting games that takes place in different place and get the victory. Invite your close friend to fight together and get doubled fun. During this adventure, you are going to destroy the enemy and then you will try to save your friend. Let’s begin 2 player fighting games now.

1. Archery Battle

If you are looking for something to kill your free time with friend, check it out Archery Battle. This 2 player fighting games can bring you to a real arena with so much fun and challenge. This game is simple control and easy play to aim and shoot your enemies but hard to win. You need to have good skills and quick reaction, your time is limited too. Simple graphics but good gameplay is the reason you could not get your eyes out of this awesome game. Get the bonus and you are able to have a wide range of weapons and special powers. Have fun in the sequel to Archery Battle. Do not forget to fight side by side with your teammate!

Game features

  • Simple graphics but also has a harmonious graphic design
  • Easy to play but getting harder later to 2 player fighting games unblocked
  • Free to play on any device: IOS, Android, PC

How to play Archery Battle

  • Use the mouse on the computer
  • Touch the screen on mobile
  • Aim the enemy and shoot them all
  • Aim the head to get more bonus coin
  • Try to get the highest score to get in the leaderboard

Click on the button “play now” to play and feel!

Try your skill in Archery war 2 player fighting unblocked

2. Zombie Shooter

Ready to clean up another wasteland full of the walking dead? This game place you in a world which is full of zombies and your mission is alive after all. Don not think it is so easy because they are everywhere and you always in dangerous. Find the way out every challenge, your ammo is limited. Time to anything you find out, for undead disposal! Knock blocks, cut chains, trigger explosions, grenade: whatever it takes to turn all the walking dead into piles of bloody, rotten meat. Zombies shooter is one of the best game because of its beautiful interface, colorful interface, nice design and charismatic story. You are not disappointed after playing this game, if you need a help, invite your friend and you are easier to conquest this 2 player fighting games.

Game features

  • 2 player fighting games online in this simple graphics but the smooth animation is a plus.
  • Free to play on the browser or mobile device.
  • It is an addictive challenging game to play with your friend anytime.

How to play Zombie Shooter

  • Use the mouse or arrow keys to play on the computer.
  • On the mobile, touchscreen
  • Try to get coins for bonus items.

Click on the button “play now” to play and feel!

2 player fighting games

Eliminate all the walking dead 2 player fighting in games

3. Stickman Fighter

If you have so many free time or you are stressed and don’t know what to do to relax. Let check it out Stickman Fighter is 2 player fighting games to have some fun with your friend.  If you want, you can attack the enemy with punch or kick, against a friend or you can do it against BOT in a tournament. Quick reaction, high skilled and perfect timing is all you need to win a fight. If you have special key with the attack button, you can perform more powerful attacks, it is so strong and helpful for you to knock down the oppoinent. After a workhard day, it is a highly recommend a good online fighting game to enjoy. So let see how far you can get. Remember the better the skill you have, the stronger enemy you will face.

Games features

  • Simple graphics but have a beautiful interface and smooth animation.
  • Many levels to challenge 2 player fighting games unblocked online.
  • Most interesting free online fighting games.

How to play Stickman Fighter

  • Use the mouse on the computer
  • Touching the screen on mobile
  • Tap the right or left at the right time to destroy your enemy
  • Remember always substantiate that you are stronger than your opponents that  you can win the fight

Click on the button “play now” to play and feel!

2 player fighting games

Find out new challenge in Stickman fighter 2 player fighting to games new online

4. Ninja kid and zombies

At the beginning you select one character for players to play such as Samurai, Ninja Kid or Ninja Girl to fight against all the walking dead. Avoid the hurt of the zombies and eliminate them all, meanwhile, you need to collect more and more coins to update your weapons and items. Simple gameplay and graphics but it is a so interactive 2 player fighting games unblocked. If you are in your free time and find something to relax, try Ninja kid and zombies, surely it do not make you disappointed to 2 player fighting games.

Game features

  • This game is developed for players of all ages.
  • Smooth animation, realistic sound,  beautiful colored interface with nice character design.
  • 2 player fighting games online to available on any browser or Mobile device.

How to play Ninja kid and zombies

  •  Use arrow key to jump
  •  Use T key to throw ninja stars, Y key to use ninja magic
  •  Avoid the damage of the zombies and destroy them all
  •  Remeber collect the bonus to upgrade skills and items

Click here to play Ninja kid and zombies 

2 player fighting games

Ninja kid and Zombies is great 2 player fighting to games

Have fun with these 2 player fighting games and support 123fightinggames for more interesting game !

2 player fighting games are now available online
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