Top 5 new fighting games avaiable now

Top 5 new fighting games avaiable now
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New fighting games is an attracting type of entertainment in free time with friend and family member. Through the development of design, technology, graphics, Gamer nowadays can enjoy a real arena by themselves. There are so many ways to play Fighting game on any device from PC to console or mobile, you can stay home and discover a whole new world with your online friend all around the world. Finally, your goal simply is taking down all the enemy to be the best. We are going to list top game fighting new trending nowadays, they are so good and attractive. Let check it out!

New fighting games – List 5 games fighting new

Every year, Gaming company provides us so many new fighting games, we have so many choices from shooting to games like street fighter. There are also many graphics like 2D or 3D for your favorite. For example, Players can enter the story as a soul that has been somehow linked to the weakened warriors, which can take control of their bodies and tap into their sealed abilities. This is top 5 game fighting new you should take a look and play one time.

New fighting games

Stunning graphics and smooth animation the new fighting games

1.Evil Wyrm

This game is so famous because of its interesting story and gameplay, it is a highly recommend a game fighting new to reduce stress at the free time. In Evil Wyrm you are a hero who is looking for employees of Odin to defeat the evil Snake. Your main mission is to protect the world from Evil Snake by beating the odds and avoid the flames of evil snake ghosts. You also have to collect diamonds and treasures to get extra point and items, it seems easy to play but so hard to be master later, challenges that the evil Snake has for the player are not easy at all.

Use your concentration and care to help our hero pass the stages and at the end when you face the Boss, try your best to take down him. Remember dangerous terrain is everywhere in this new fighting games, so always be careful and get the highest score you can.

Game Feature

  • Free HTML5 games to play.
  • Bright sound, stunning graphics and smooth animation.
  • Game for all ages
  • Can be played on PC or IOS, Android, Window phone.
  • Stunning graphics, smooth animation and bright sound.
  • Colorful interface
  • Game fighting new the matching fighting with the friends like the sensence.

How to play Evil Wyrm

  • Use mouse, arrow keys on PC
  • Tap screen on mobile
  • Select all the diamonds to get to the next stage
  • Avoid the snake’s eyes and sneak past it
  • Use the stalactites to conceal the light of the eyes of the evil Serpent.

Click on the button “play now” to play and feel! 

new fighting games

Games fighting new for all ages


DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ is a new fighting games that brings together the heroes and villains of the hit Dragon Ball franchise in epic battles for real. This main game ‘s Story is a strange energy wave has hit the world and sealed the power of all of its mightiest heroes. Players have to enter the story as a soul that has been somehow linked to the weak heroes which take control of their bodies and tap into their sealed skill. Now the story has begun and you can discover your own new world to protect our planet. Fight to the enemy, collect bonus and there’s still plenty of action in Dragon Ball FighterZ  to enjoy.
This fighting game is engaging for newcomers, series veterans, and game fighting new fans alike, with deep gameplay and lots of content to keep them playing for long time. That is not suprised that it is the world’s greatest warriors in globally ranked online play.


  • Use arrow key and numberpad on PC
  • Easier to play on console
  • Use combo key to get more power shots
  • Avoid the enemy skill is also important
new fighting games

Dragonball fighter Z is the best choice for games fighting new 

3. Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- has been known as a famous new fighting games series since 1998. From 2D to 3D, it so great from game’s story to gameplay. There are so many character and type of fighter for your choice.There is well-maintained play style with depth and high skill ceiling that it has so many die hard fan from its publish. People also like graphics of this fighting game which is incredible and you will love sound effects of this. There are alot of player are waiting for you online so you do not have to wait too long for a competitive fight. Sign in and discover the competitive arena to game fighting new.

How to play Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

  • Use arrow key or W,S,A,D keys to move
  • Use combo to get a more power skill

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- new fighting games never disappointed you

4. Street fighter V

This game included one-on-one fighting with stellar gameplay which was developed by Capcorn (Capcom is also a very great fighting game making company) With an update in V-Trigger and V-Skills, good character and strong play, now turn it into games that suprised everyone. This simple gameplay is simply, your mission is take down all the enemy and become the strongest. Now Street Fighter V is Now become “Must Play new fighting games” now and it has so many fan all over the world.

Game feature and how to play

  • Amazing graphich and smooth animation
  • So many type of character and skill
  • Use arrows key to move, try to take down the enemy by combo

Street Fighter V is a “must play” games fighting new

5. Stickman fighter

If you have so many free time or you are stressed and don’t know what to do to relax. Let check it out Stickman Fighter new fighting games to have some fun with your friend.  If you want, you can attack the enemy with punch or kick, against a friend or you can do it against BOT in a tournament. Quick reaction, high skilled and perfect timing is all you need to win a fight. If you have special key with the attack button, you can perform more powerful attacks, it is so strong and helpful for you to knock down the oppoinent. After a workhard day, it is a highly recommend a good online fighting games to enjoy. So let see how far you can get. Remember the better the skill you have, the stronger enemy you will face.

Game feature and how to play

  • Simple graphics but have a beautiful interface and smooth animation
  • Many levels to challenge
  • Most interesting free online games fighting new
  • Use the mouse on the computer
  • Touching the screen on mobile
  • Tap the right or left at the right time to destroy your enemy
  • Remember always substantiate that you are stronger than your opponents that  you can win the fight

Click on the button “play now” to play and feel!


Stickman Fighter is a game fighting new you must not miss

Check this list new fighting games and update your website for more game and information!

Top 5 new fighting games avaiable now
3 (60%) 2 votes

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